Exposing the Industry of Dupes


The founder launched Musk and Hustle with a simple hope — to fundamentally change the way people used fragrances. His goal was to have a system of varying sizes in combination with the highest quality fragrances they could offer.

Musk & Hustle - Filling Viles


In his search for the perfect oils, the owner discovered that manufacturers have only half of a fragrance’s formula. Knowing this, he set out to piece the puzzle together and have a complete blend. The result was Nitro Musk, a complete proprietary blend that smells as good or even better than the designer brands.


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality proprietary fragrances at an affordable price.

We create our scents for those who live the hustle and grind culture and aspire to be something more. Like us, you appreciate high quality products but don’t want to mortgage the house to pay for them.

Musk & Hustle Nitro Stubbies

Exposing the Industry Dupes

We get it, buying dupe fragrances feels like you’re buying from some dude in a trenchcoat on a New York City street corner. It’s a knock-off of the super expensive designer brand. It might smell like the original, it might not. It’s a gamble. We are dropping the trenchcoat and coming clean. There are a number of manufacturers that produce impression fragrances (knock-offs). These knock-offs are sold wholesale to companies that bottle it up, slap on their own label, and call it their own. We know, we did the same thing until Mark discovered the secret. He would experiment with different manufacturers’ scents to determine which was the best. He found that some would smell exactly like the name brand but lose its scent after an hour. Others would not smell anything like it upon application but after an hour, it would develop into smelling exactly like the real thing. He realized that the name brand perfumers are selling off partial formulas to these dupe manufacturers. Having this knowledge, he began to search for the right blends that would create the completed formulas. When we say our scents are proprietary, we mean it. We mix everything in-house to give you the whole scent from beginning to end.