The Commuter Carpool Lane



Why take up valuable pocket real estate with your Nitro Stubbies if you don’t have to? With our nifty little 100% HANDMADE, 100% PREMIUM LEATHER Nitro Stubbie key ring we’ve named The Commuter Carpool Lane, you will have your favorite three scents always at the ready as you explore the world around you, go back and forth from the office, or scope out the single scene at your local gym.
Each and every Commuter Carpool Lane is made by hand, one at a time, by Bryan Warner of Low Tide Leather in Oregon, U.S.A. They are hand stitched, and hand stamped with our Musk & Hustle skull logo and will last for many years to come. What will not last however are the labels on those Stubbies™ as these bad boys fit SNUG. Six different colors are available: russet (light tan that patinas beautifully), buck brown (medium brown), chestnut (dark brown), black, slate grey, and olive.

And remember,… stay musky my friend.


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