No. 205


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When imagining the smell of No. 205 (Inspired by One Million), think sweet and strong cinnamon, not spicy cinnamon, but a cinnamon that is smoothed out very nicely with leather, warm amber, and the sweetness of rose and mandarin orange. This fragrance is powerful and long lasting. Love it or hate it, this one is destined to be a classic.

Time: Night
Temperature: Cool/Cold (Blue)
Class: Warm Spicy/Cinammon/Citrus
Strength: Strong
Longevity: Long

4.7 / 5

9 reviews for No. 205

  1. Chris H.

    Great products for a great price! They even threw in an extra bottle free of charge. Will definitely be buying again in the future.

  2. Spencer P.

    By far one of the best scents they have, it is my favorite and it is strong and lasts a long time!

  3. James E.

    A fantastic man’s fragrance that is very long lasting and greatly reminds me of the discontinued 1970’s Cologne called Millionaire, except One Million is a thousand times better.

  4. Tyler C.

    At first I wasn’t impressed with this one. For some reason I couldn’t smell much of anything when I put it on. Next day, I try it again and it really came to life. I don’t know why that first day I couldn’t get anything from it. Opening the bottle gives you a wiff of apple pie, but as it dries on your skin, it becomes clean and almost soapy to me. I love it. With this order I also received no.208, oud wood, that alone is my favorite but layering 205 and 208 is SO good. Highly recommended.

  5. Robert S.

    Very likable scent. One of several that gets attention with just a dab.

  6. Ronald D.

    Definitely a must have!

  7. Anthony K.

    Very weak scent. Doesn’t last long

  8. Tabitha

    This smells delicious!

  9. jxbeavers89

    This is not a weak scent at all, it most definitely will last if applied in the correct areas for the better part of the entire day! I have worn this to work multiple times and some days I have been sweating a bunch, and I still can smell this scent on me even afterwards.
    This is one that I also have the original formula of, the parfum… I love this stuff a lot, but Musk and Hustle’s version, dare I say smells better??! They have blended this to perfection, I don’t know what it is about this product, but I actually prefer this one to the original. 1) I feel it last’s a bit longer than the original. 2) I believe it projects better than the original. 3) I prefer the roll on oil over the spray.
    You have a customer for life! I love your products, I have kit 1-6 and Just got the new one today for summer 23′, I have noticed something that may not quite smell great today, the next time you smell it may be the best thing you smelled all year. I have my favorites, and am working on some Nitro cocktails! Again please keep putting out excellent quality products guys! We do appreciate it!
    I highly recommend this #205 to anyone looking to smell like a million bucks! This is sure to turn heads and get them asking, “what are you wearing?”

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