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No. 24 has an intense pineapple and blackcurrant open that develops into the iconic woody and smoky dry down. The attention to detail and ingredient quality in No. 24 is simply unmatched. Experience the same magnetic aura of Aventus in this masterfully crafted fragrance.
Pair No. 24 with our new Aventus creation No. 27 “Aventus Legacy 2013 Edition” for entirely unique fragrance experiences.
  • Apply varying amounts of No. 24 after No. 27 has dried down to create an intense sweet and smoky experience.
  • Apply varying amounts of No. 27 along with No. 24 to achieve your desired level of intensified smoky dry down while still enjoying the sweeter pineapple open of No. 24.
Time: Anytime
Temperature: Cool/Warm/Hot (Orange)
Class: Fruity/Woody/Smoky/Office Friendly
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Moderate/Long



4.9 / 5

29 reviews for No. 24

  1. David M.

    Amazing, can’t tell the difference for a bargain of a price. Have had so many comments already. Ordered the nitro pen and was ordering the sumo after the first application. Packaging and extras were an amazing touch rarely seen now. Awesome stuff ?

  2. Sean F.

    Smells absolutely incredible! Just wish that the scent stuck around longer than 3-4 hours…

  3. Lauren S.

    My husband loves this stuff. He’s tried a couple of the musk but this is by far his favorite one.

  4. Mike A.

    Really like the scent but had hoped it would have a bit more projection and staying power. I haven’t had the opportunity to compare with the brand name but overall pretty pleased even with some touch ups.

  5. James G.

    Get tons of compliments on this stuff and it lasts pretty long to !

  6. Triunn Magn Bjornson

    I absolutely love this scent. This is my second time ordering it and definitely see myself wearing this regularly or even daily. In fact, the only reason I didn’t get the largest option is that I just started a new relationship and want to make sure that my partner doesn’t hate it. Due to seasonal work I won’t actually see her for another month or two; However, I myself highly recommend this scent. It’s sweet and earth in every good way.

  7. Keller H.

    Love the No.24!!! My girlfriend has been complimenting me all week and can’t stay off of me! The quality is excellent and it lasts an incredible amount of time. After a 12 hour shift at work I still get told I smell amazing when I get home. They included a free sampler of a different scent and I enjoy it so much I’ll probably pick up another of it. Really enjoy the product, keep it up! You got yourselves a repeat customer.

  8. Roy

    Absolutely Love no. 24!!

  9. Mauri M.

    Love the scent, love the service, cool delivery package. 3rd pen purchased and returning for more

  10. Roberto G.

    Cool Citrus scent. I love it. Not overbearing whatsoever. wish it lasted longer. Lasts for about 4 hours.

  11. Rohit M.

    I have tried like 7 of those stubbies and all are pretty good. No. 24 is my favorite of them all. It transforms itself over with different notes.

  12. Chris M.

    Damn good stuff. My favorite one by far.

  13. Ahmed G.

    i don’t have the aventus ..but i got this smells really good. everyone around you will smell it for 2-4 hours on my skin. you will smell it on your cloth for 3 days. no funny greasy feeling after applying it on the skin like some street vendor oils.

  14. Jim A.

    Fast shipping. Great packaging. I’ve owned the original of this and it’s very hard to tell difference on me.

  15. Jose G.

    This is a new fragrance for me it was recommended and glad I did, I love it and so do others scent last a good time and it’s very unique . You’ll like it !

  16. Ryan E.

    This is such an excellent scent. It’s my wife’s 2nd favorite.

  17. Tony R.

    Well worth the money. Complemented daily. No. 24 is the truth.

  18. THOMAS M.

    Hands down an amazing fragrance for dudes. My wife loves it. Fits my outdoor and even my dress style. I am looking forward to checking out other fragrances. This is perfect for men that are men.

  19. Cameron W.

    Literally the best smelling thing on planet earth

  20. Thuy B.

    I’m in love with this scent. I prefer more masculine scents and this one hits all the notes I’m looking for.

  21. Megerditch A.

    I highly recommend No. 24! It has a fantastic scent that lasts throughout the day, and I’ve received numerous compliments from both friends and family. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply precisely, and the formula is gentle on the skin. Overall, this cologne is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting and appealing fragrance.

  22. Andrew K.

    I tested this out from a recommendation a friend gave me. I LOVE this product. I’m about to start testing more.

  23. Tabitha

    I took a chance on this one based on the description, and am so glad I did! My husband smells amazing!

  24. jxbeavers89

    What can I say that has not already been said? This is the first Musk and Hustle product I applied and wore out, and it is AMAZING! This stuff smells so good! There is a reason it is their best seller, blended to perfection, this stuff is for the manly man. I recommend this to all, if you’re on the fence about a gift idea or just want to purchase this for yourself, do yourself and whoever you’re buying for a favor and buy it!

  25. Jake (verified owner)

    Love it

  26. Jeffrey Fuller

    I have both #24 and #27 and they both hit a bit differently. This one is sweeter than the legacy but I get compliments from others wearing either one. It’s nice when people standing nearby tell you that you smell good!

  27. LucasWillms (verified owner)

    This smell is amazing along with number 27. The only downside I’ve found about these two is that the liquid is very thin, causing the bottles to leak after applying. It’s be awesome if they were made a bit thicker, or adjust the price a bit to compensate for the leakage.

  28. ST (verified owner)

    I have been a fan of M&H for several years now. Number 24 is by far my favorite with number 27 close behind. Get so many compliments on these two fragrances, one lady said you always just smell like a man. Thanks guys keep up the great work.

  29. dzillion (verified owner)

    I’ve recently tried #24 and 27 and I love them both.

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