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SCENT OF THE WEEK – 6/10-6/16

Inspired by the seas of the Mediterranean, No. 7 (Inspired by Acqua di Gio – Giorgio Armani) features an amazing combination of salty, sweet, and citrus notes and is the perfect summertime fragrance.

Time: Day
Temperature: Warm/Hot (Yellow)
Class: Citrus/Sporty/Aromatic/Office Friendly
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Moderate

4.8 / 5

12 reviews for No. 7 – SOTW

  1. Chace M.

    Excellent product. It is long lasting and has just enough strength to notice but not overwhelm.

    I love the handwritten notes with each delivery! Thank you!

  2. Glen

    Smells like the real thing & lasts all day. I would buy it again!

  3. Sean. P.

    No.7 smells surprisingly close to the real deal. I wear Acqua Di Gio on a daily basis and even though I personally can tell the difference when wearing the real thing and No.7, it’s very close and still very wearable. The only downfall I can really see so far for myself is that the musk scent tends to only last about an hour or so on my body. I put it on prior to leaving the house for my first class and no longer can smell it an hour and fifteen minutes later at the end. The real Armani version is a light cologne but I can still smell traces of it towards the end of my day at least. I sent a stubbie of Polo Red to one of my friends to try out since he wears that, and he also agreed that it didn’t last very long on him either. Other than that, the product is pretty great. Seeing as how the price point is fairly low, reapplying often will not pose as an issue for me. It also opens up a willingness to purchase and sample more products here, something I would normally not be willing to spend the money to do for name brands.

    **I also received a free stubbie of No.24, a version of Creed Aventus in which I had never heard of before, but thoroughly enjoy the smell of. (Thanks Musk & Hustle!)

  4. Danny G.

    Absolutely love the no.7 scent, the compact shape and simple application is great too! Paired with the leather sleeve it made a great edition to my edc.

  5. William W.

    Haven’t worn cologne in a long time and found you guys on IG and decided to order some samples. This No. 7 is definitely my favorite out of all the ones I ordered. My wife also loves the smell as well and let’s be honest that is what really matters.

  6. Patrick W.

    This got me laid. Simple as that. Great products!

  7. Shelley B.

    Absolutely amazing and even came with a tester of another scent that I actually like more than #7! I will definitely be buying more of these for my husband.

  8. Hector N.

    A great cologne that last a long time, great price and Iam always happy to help an up and coming product that is made in the U.S.A. I have worn the cologne numerous times and my wife loves it,

  9. Dustin P.

    All of the scents I have received have been top notch and smell just like the real thing. They come within a few days also. Awesome company.

  10. Tyson

    My evening scent when I step out I love it buying bigger bottles of a lot of fragrance if your second guessing the purchase don’t just grab it I promise it’s FIRE

  11. Brian

    Smells so close to the original! Have to order some more 🙂

  12. Tabitha

    Smells so close to the original! Have to get some more for my husband 🙂

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