No. 201


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No. 201 (Inspired by Ombre Leather 2018 by Tom Ford) is a luxurious scent that opens with intense leather and jasmine. It quickly develops from a hint of smoke and leather into an intense smokey leather fragrance. It is brilliant on its own, or as a layering scent for your Nitro Cocktails where it will add the unmistakable touch of warm and smokey leather.

Time: Night
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Leather/Warm Spicy/Smoky
Strength: Moderate/Strong
Longevity: Long

4.7 / 5

11 reviews for No. 201

  1. Greg Z.

    Amazing scent ,It lasts forever.

  2. Maria T.

    I received this scent as a sample along with my purchase. I absolutely loved it & had to order a full size. I just love the customer service & the nice hand written thank you notes with my orders.

  3. Tyler C.

    Really like this one. Hard for me to describe the scent, almost like sweet, sour candy and the vestiges of a bonfire from the night before. The bonfire settles into deep clean after rain woods. I really enjoy it, can’t wait for the weather to cool off here so I can use it more.

  4. Dan W.

    Complex warm scent. Works well for me in professional settings or out to a nice dinner.

  5. Kip M.

    Great fragrance- long lasting

  6. D.R

    A superb fragrance, excellent for combinations and layering

  7. Carl S.

    Love this scent. I’m currently layering 201 and 37 for daily wear. 201 has deep rich tones and 37 has a light crispness that work well together. If you have a favorite scent, give these guys a try. The oils are long lasting and very affordable to try. The nitro pen is great for traveling too

  8. Tyler C.

    Whoa! Super strong. Smells good though. It can get a little weird if you apply too much, so go easy. Overall was a little much for me, too potent. Wanted it to compliment the real stuff but it’s too much. Total leather bomb. Just a dab will do ya. When you catch it in the air it’s gorgeous.

  9. Jim A.

    Fast shipping, great packaging. Big fan of Tom Ford. This product is hard to tell from original on me.

  10. Nishant A.

    This is absolutely amazing! I tried the stubbie ealier and liked it so much that went with the larger version. Please continue carrying all of these and consider adding new ones as well. I want to try all of your fragrances!!

  11. Remy Kay

    This scent is f*ckin amazing I could literally eat it.. got plenty of compliments from women & men lol

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