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These six fragrances are our clear best sellers and it’s no wonder why. Formulated after some of the most expensive and highly sought after fragrances on the market, they will cover all seasons and every occasion. We have invested heavily in our versions of these fragrances, and in doing so, sourced the highest quality ingredients available. Our Best Sellers Set includes the following fragrances: 24 (Aventus), 37 (Bleu de Chanel), 54 (Baccarat Rouge 540), 114 (Green Irish Tweed), 208 (Oud Wood), 298 (Tobacco Vanille).

Our Nitro Stubbies™ are the perfect way to discover your signature fragrance collection. Each one will provide 10-14 days of wear, giving you plenty of time to see if each fragrance works for you.

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No. 24 – Nitro Musk™ version of Aventus by Creed
No. 24 projects an air of strength, vision, success, and romance. Many enjoy this fragrance so much that they only bring it out for the special times in their lives. Most noticeable are the notes of pineapple, birch, and musk in this unique and masculine composition.

Time: Any
Temperature: Cool/Warm/Hot (Orange)
Class: Sweet/Wood/Smoky
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Moderate/Long

No. 37 – Nitro Musk™ version of Bleu de Chanel
No. 37 is a masterpiece that has been crafted to fit almost any occasion. Sharp notes of grapefruit, ginger, and mint are tempered by the depth of sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver, while smoky incense adds a touch of intrigue.

Time: Any
Temperature: Any (Orange)
Class: Citrus/Fresh Spicy
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Moderate

No. 54 – Nitro Musk™ version of Baccarat Rouge 540
No. 54 (Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum – MFK) offers an unmistakable aura of strength and radiance. Revel in a luxurious blend of amber woody florals perfectly blended to captivate the senses, and experience the perfect harmony created by jasmine, ambergris, and bitter almond, three indulgent scents that will leave you in awe.

Time: Any
Temperature: Cold/Cool/Warm (Orange)
Class: Sweet/Warm Spicy
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Long

No. 114 – Nitro Musk™ version of Green Irish Tweed by Creed
No. 114 is everything you could want from a fragrance. The flexibility to wear during any occasion, superb performance, easily garners compliments, unique style, and the beauty of added confidence. A top note of lemon verbena, a heart note of violet leaf, and a base of sandalwood and ambergris make No. 114 masculine, outdoorsy, fresh, and clean.

Time: Day
Temperature: Warm/Hot (Yellow)
Class: Citrus/Woody
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Long

No. 208 – Nitro Musk™ version of Oud Wood by Tom Ford
No. 208 is a very unique and intense fragrance that is warm and sensual. Because it’s more linear than many of the mainstream designer fragrances it does very well on it’s own, or in combination with other fragrances to add the depth and warmth of wood. This is best worn in the evenings in cool to cold weather.

Time: Any
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Woody
Strength: Moderate/Strong
Longevity: Long

No. 298 – Nitro Musk™ version of Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
No. 298 contains a rich and luxurious mix of sweet & dry aromatic pipe tobacco, the cozy, boozy vibe of aging rum, exquisite vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and fragrant spices. It conveys a feeling of opulence and an aura of power and wealth. It is best suited for cold weather wear in the evening.

Time: Night
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Sweet/Tobacco
Strength: Strong
Longevity: Long


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