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No. 208 (Inspired by Oud Wood – Tom Ford) is a very unique and intense fragrance that is warm and sensual. Because it’s more linear than many of the mainstream designer fragrances it does very well on it’s own, or in combination with other fragrances to add the depth and warmth of wood. This is best worn in the evenings in cool to cold weather.

Time: Night
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Woody/Warm Spicy/Vanilla
Strength: Moderate
Longevity: Moderate/Long

4.9 / 5

29 reviews for No. 208

  1. Chris W.

    Masculine but inviting, woodsy with a hint of sweet warm spice. Most colognes with such a profile seem to lose the wood layer fairly quickly (at least with my personal chemistry), which leaves an unbalanced overly sweet juvenile scent. No. 208 keeps a multilayered sophistication for quite some time.

  2. George C.

    I couldn’t recommend this product enough! Their entire setup is so wonderful! 14/10 would recommend!

  3. Peter D.

    Masculine masculine classy masculine classy… Oh and masculine

  4. Jeremy V.

    Truly a great scent. It is the longest lasting scent of the 4 I purchased.

  5. Hinojosa A.

    Great scent long lasting. Sadly i ordered in December So I didn’t get it in time due to USPS. Still worth the wait in my opinion.

  6. Aaron C.

    Better then the real thing

  7. Lucien G.

    Ordered it twice love it

  8. Kevin E.

    WOW. This one blew me away…and LONG lasting. I love the subtle freshness and every so slightly woodsy tones combined with what I call traditional manly cologne scent. A real winner.

  9. Frank D.

    I have to admit this one by far is my favorite and daily go to musk! This is a lady killer musk for sure smell like a man feel like a man you can’t go wrong with this one at all! Thank you musk and hustle always keeping me fresh!

  10. M. R.

    It’s awesome. Love the scent. It last for quite a while and I don’t get tired of it. I’ve gotten compliments while wearing it as well.

  11. Greg J.

    This is an incredible recreation of Oud Wood. Long lasting, masculine and about 1/15th the price of the real thing. Unbelievable quality from M&H.

  12. John G.

    Heavier scent but think will be a winner entering the cold months.

  13. Benjamin c.

    Great fragrance like a sweet spicy woody scent and last around 5 hours and then need to re-apply.

  14. Billy H.

    Great product . Looking forward to purchasing more

  15. George C.

    This scent is absolutely breathtaking! It has the best smell for day and night.

  16. Robert M.

    This scent is warm and comforting. Perfect for cold winter nights snuggling by the fire. It’s an inviting scent that exudes intimacy. My wife loves it.

  17. “Straight Shooter” (my Amazon pen name)

    Please see review of No. 208 on Amazon,
    as “Straight Shooter.”

  18. Brett C.

    I used to main Ombre Leather from Tom Ford for my cologne daily driver…this smell is amazing and also was really nice to see a mini version of Ombre Leather was sent with this and No. 24 that I purchased! Came in just as my cologne finished!

  19. TL

    This is my favorite cologne to wear at night. Smells amazing

  20. Andrew B.

    My new favorite way to buy and wear cologne. Great value and wonderful scent. Thank you!

  21. Caroline N.

    Love this! It smells amazing.

  22. Tom

    Love love love #208. And super affordable for a great scent. I get comments all the time. I’ll be trying other scents soon.
    Keep up the great work.!

  23. Shawn C.

    My third time buying this scent. I ware it daily at work. My favorite. I also purchased other scents that my wife likes better but this one Is for me. A subtle warm woodsy smell.

    This company is awesome. Shipments are promt and on time.
    The packaging with the personal note and free sample; icing on the cake. They really make you feel like your buying from a friend. Thanks

  24. D.R

    Masculine. Mallleable. Not an overly aggressive oud. Ages well.

  25. Tyson

    Not my favorite fragrance I purchased but quality none the less!

  26. Jeff G.

    I have loved every scent I’ve ordered. Each has a different occasion for use and I mix and match them depending on my day. Love it.

  27. Joseph S.

    So far one of my favorites!

  28. Ahmed G.

    smells good. quite strong in the beginning .stays and projects for a long while. after it fades and becomes close to you y, nose blindness sets in. you will catch a very mature smell of it hours later.
    put it some of it in your outer layer .it will stay there for a very long time.i love it

  29. Tabitha

    Strong, masculine scent. Smells like you’ve been in the woods, but way better

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