No. 298


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No. 298 (Inspired by Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford) contains a rich and luxurious mix of sweet & dry aromatic pipe tobacco, the cozy, boozy vibe of aging rum, exquisite vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and fragrant spices. It conveys a feeling of opulence and an aura of power and wealth. It is best suited for cold weather wear in the evening.

Time: Night
Temperature: Cool/Cold (Blue)
Class: Vanilla/Tobacco/Sweet
Strength: Strong
Longevity: Long

5.0 / 5

33 reviews for No. 298

  1. Jeremy L.

    I had tried this scent in the Stubbies and realized within the weekend I had to have this larger one!! Quick and friendly service as always!! Love this company and their products!!

  2. James L.

    Deep, familiar notes, lasts through the morning. I am a first-time buyer, but I will certainly be a repeat customer.

  3. Ryan H.

    Long lasting and smells great! My wife also loves this. Can’t go wrong if you like a sweeter smelling scent.

  4. Dustin H.

    Been looking for a scent for a long time that matches the scent profile of my beard products. This stuff is exactly what I was looking for, smells great and lasts a long time. I work 10 hour shifts and when I am leaving work I can still smell it to some degree. Ordered one of the small ones as well in case I need to refresh and it has sat in my pocket, legit have not even felt the need to use it.

  5. Maria T.

    Love this company not to mention the wonderful delicious scents they make! The service they provide is personal which is so welcome ! I’m a repeat shopper & will be back for more 🙂

  6. Michael B.

    Without a doubt one of my top 3 fragrances ever. Perfect strength and lasts all day long. I will buy this as long as I live

  7. Manuel R.

    A very strong, long lasting unique fragrance, one of my favorites. Will be buying a lot more from musk and hustle.

  8. Lisa L.

    Excellent product! Smells amazing! Awesome customer service!

  9. JEFF L.

    The Tobacco Vanille No. 298 is absolutely amazing. I’ve worn it and also I roll it a few times onto the bathroom hand towel and it permeates the entire bathroom with the warm fragrances of tobacco and vanilla.

  10. R white

    As close as you can get to the actual TF scent this one is super strong and has alot of lasting power. Definitely worth the money. great job done by these guys on mixing this scent.

    Great customer service and great product all around from there packaging to there actual scents they make I’ve tried alot of dupes and M&H can deliver.

  11. Michael V.

    Positive comments on this one. Long lasting and smells great!

  12. John M.

    This is my second favorite and it too is (A KEEPER)!!!


    You guys have a great product line.

    These are high quality products you should have great success and growth.


    John M.

  13. Joshua C.

    What can I say besides I love Musk & Hustle! I have around 15 or 16 different scents in both the nitro pens and the stubbies and every one smells great! The tobacco vanille is a favorite of both mine and my wife, I have multiple stubbies and a pen in this scent and it’s fantastic! I usually pair it with no. 24 Aventus! No matter the scent, you won’t be disappointed!!!

  14. Maria T. check

    I just love this company! I order this scent every few months & mix it with one of my other stubbies. The customer service is outstanding as well!

  15. Tim S.

    This is my absolute favorite. It has a very masculine smell. And last the Whole night

  16. Abraham B.

    The personal touch is still amazing!! Love the oils! I gave the number one stubbies as a gift, kept the second. The shipping is quick and perfect!!! Love this company!! Thank you all so much!!

  17. Gerald Maguire

    Everywhere I go I get compliments! Team Musk & Hustle, A++ Keep up the great job!!!!

  18. Jeremy L.

    This is my all time favorite scent! All of them I have tried are great. Scent doesn’t wear off fast. Bottles are great for daily use and travel. Great customer service as well! I have been buying for over a year and will continue. Highly recommend!

  19. David W.

    I love this scent

  20. James E.

    My favorite Musk & Hustle scent thus far. The slow developing overtones of rich vanilla are extremely pleasant to virtually any nose and are not overshadowed by the tobacco fragrance. On a personal note: The free sample of Sauvage included with my product order is greatly appreciated and layering it with Tobacco Vanille produces an extraordinary fragrance. To say I love it is an understatement peeps!

  21. Kit T.

    Great solo…or mixed with 243.

  22. Dan W.

    Potent and long lasting. Very smooth.

  23. Jeremy P.

    This is my 3rd buying this scent and I love it. Everytime I wear it I get a compliment of how good I smell.

  24. Tyler S.

    Ive tried about 6 different scents from these guys and this one is by far my favorite. By miles. It is very nuanced, and develops really well as the day goes by. Especially when its nice and cold out. Highly reccomend it

  25. Michael K.

    Love it

  26. Tom S.

    Really like this. Very masculine, yet soft – if that makes sense. Clean and concise. Settles very nicely on the skin for a clean smell. The clean/vanilla smell settles to the top more so than the tobacco I believe – it’s definitely worth a sample – I’ll be likely getting a larger pen next then maybe a big one!

  27. Shawn C.

    Came as a sample with another purchase. Nice warm smell that is as exactly as described. These guys have this down to a science. Definitely gonna include in my next order.

    Can’t say enough about how good this Musk and Hustle is.
    Deliveries are prompt and packaged well. The personnel note inside is awesome. Make me feel like I’m supporting a friend.
    Great work.

  28. D.R.

    The most versatile fragrance I have tried from Musk and Hustle to date. Magnificent!!!

  29. Jeremy P.

    This was my 5th time ordering No. 298 and continue to get compliments every time I wear it. Great stuff!

  30. Justin W.

    Love this scent it is wonderful!! Take time order it get it shipped go out with that beautiful person in your life.

  31. Ronald D.

    I just truly like the way it incorporate with my skin for that long lasting scent!

  32. sean.c.shiner (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this one. It’s sweet but robust at the same time. The tobacco gives it a masculine feel. Perfect for a date night or out with friends.

  33. Jeffrey Fuller

    My girlfriend nibbles me up like a snack wearing #298 with that perfect blend of vanilla and spice! Great for cold weather.

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