No. 105


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Some would describe the prominent note in No. 105 (Inspired by Fahrenheit – Dior) as “oily petrol”, while others describe it as a more sophisticated “motor spirit”. One thing is for certain, this fragrance is a classic that wreaks of intense masculinity. The petrol note transforms during the first hour into an exquisite fragrance that is a bit flowery, a bit spicy, and extremely leathery. Wear this monster during the day or night in cold and cool weather. ​

Time: Anytime
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Leather/Musky
Strength: Strong
Longevity: Long

4.9 / 5

13 reviews for No. 105

  1. Chris O.

    Absolutely love 105 !! Keeps me smelling fresh all day, yet small enough to throw in a pocket. Get a ton of compliments and people asking about the fragrance. Musk and Hustle will be taking my money from now on, I’m sold !!!

  2. John G.

    Love the scent, quick delivery and personal customer service.

  3. Calvin W.

    Industrial spice. Wearing this fragrance made me feel like a ginger bread firefighter. Loved it!

  4. Colton R.

    The description of this seemed a little off-putting but I decided to try it in the stubby and was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty strong, so go easy. I found the scent to have a sweetness to it but definitely masculine. This was also my first time using a rollerball application. I really like that the scent goes right where you want it and nowhere else. The only thing is if I put it on my neck I feel like I have a visible streak or spot for a little while until the oils soak in.

  5. Randall J.

    Amazing that’s it simply amazing

  6. Frank D.

    This fragrance is so amazing! Real manly and fresh scent! Smells just like the real cologne itself but 3 times better! Long lasting and strong so you don’t need to put much a little goes a long way with this one! Many compliments from this one right here all the time! I am forever a customer here! Thank you musk and hustle!

  7. Bobby I.

    Although there was an issue with the shipping, which is on the post office and not Musk & Hustle, the product is top notch. Prices are excellent and the customer service is A+. As much as I like the no. 105, the no. 298 is unreal. I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it until the day I die. And take a pen with me on the way out.

  8. Tim K.

    I love this scent. Farenheit cologne doesn’t work with my body chemistry but this is awesome!

  9. Mitchell C.

    I absolutely love the smell and performance of 105. It is my go-to scent whenever I need a pick-me-up.

    I have a bottle of Fahrenheit that I purchased directly from the Dior website in early 2021, and the M&H version not only smells better than the Dior version, but it also performs better. I do not have a bottle of vintage Fahrenheit to directly compare to, but I imagine the M&H is almost spot on to the highly sought-after vintage Fahrenheit.

    A little bit of the M&H oil goes a long way, so I would not be surprised to get 30 or more applications just from the smaller stubbies. The value and performance can not be beaten.

  10. Matthew H.

    I absolutely love the fragrance. The sample that was sent with my purchase…. will be my next purchase. Thank you.

  11. Matthew H.

    Love it! Smells amazing and the nitro pen is super convenient. Also you can’t argue with the price.

  12. Nishant A.

    Love it love it love it and will be getting the larger version next!

  13. Justin Beavers

    I own a bottle of the original scent, but this is better! I love the longevity and projection of #105. If you are a fan of the original scent, I am sure that you will absolutely love this one! A little goes a long way, again this is blended to perfection!

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