No. 107


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Irrefutably masculine, rich, thick, and handsome is how No. 107 (Inspired by A&F Fierce – Abercrombie & Fitch) has been described. If you were in your late teens, or early 20’s, in 2005 you cannot mistake this fragrance and its appeal has not been lost to time. The initial muskiness calms a bit after 30 to 45 minutes and swims with the woody and earthy accords in No. 107, making it irresistible throughout the entire ride.

Time: Any
Temperature: Cold/Cool/Warm (Orange)
Class: Sweet/Fresh/Musky
Strength: Moderate/Strong
Longevity: Moderate/Long

5.0 / 5

11 reviews for No. 107

  1. Jonathan W.

    Another great scent as usual.

  2. Jeneanne L.

    Smells great- definitely another purchase in my future.

  3. Edward L.

    Just what I needed. Keep it up guys

  4. Brad G.

    Nitro Musk #107 has it all… great scent, cool controllable application device, great EDC feel, and affordability.

  5. James C.

    This is JUST PERFECT! Having these on my EDC is just convenient as anything. My wife is a wild animal over this number!

  6. Jon K.

    Smells legit.

  7. Andrew M.

    Unable to tell the difference from the original which is hard to find! Good stuff

  8. John K.

    Fantastic product and an even better company. From the product to the packaging and even a hand written thank you note. I couldn’t be happier. Just received my second order from them and will be continuing to buy their products!

  9. Tom L.

    5/5. My new favorite scent.

  10. Valery T.

    Although the bottle felt small I had to keep in mind it is an essential oil which will last long. I love this scent because it’s very muscular and strong. It lasts a long time and I had a lot of compliments. I believe this is a better version than the original after buying original scent from A&F. I had come across it from sampler and thought ide buy original but was disappointed with OG since it wasnt as strong and long lasting as Musk version. If you love this scent then buy it! It’s worth it.

  11. Tabitha

    I think this actually smells better than the original Fierce. And I don’t have to go to A&F, so that’s a bonus!

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