No. 257


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Citrus and wood fragrances don’t get any better than No. 257 (Inspired by Terre d’Hermes). You’ll easily smell orange, grapefruit, vetiver, and cedar in this masterpiece that is meant to be worn during the day in warm to hot temperatures. It can also be dressed up at night in more formal settings.

Time: Anytime
Temperature: Warm/Hot (Yellow)
Class: Citrus/Earthy/Woody
Strength: Moderate/Strong
Longevity: Moderate/Long

4.6 / 5

8 reviews for No. 257

  1. Yaohui C.

    The scent is amazing not too weak nor strong it is right in the perfect spot

  2. Michael B.

    #257 has become my favorite so far. As much as it is like Terre de Hermes,it also resembles another favorite of mine which is JB by Jack Black. #257 has much more longevity and has better citrus top notes.
    Most favorite feature of M&H has to be the portability though.The stubbies are always part of my carry now.

  3. Jacob G.

    this is my second favorite scent they have. I’ve bought about 3 nitro pens so far.
    so woody! i love to pair and blend it with 24 and i’ve gotten so many compliments and both last all day and into the next.

  4. Greg J.

    I’ve tried many M&H scents and this is one I keep coming back to. I put it on at 6 AM and get compliments on how good I smell at 6 PM. Lasts all day and smells great.

  5. Alexander P.

    Pretty freakin’ close to the real thing! I’ve got the real Terre d’Hermes right next to it to compare and it’s very close. My nose isn’t super sharp, so maybe if you’re a super-smeller you could tell the difference, but not me. Very satisfied with it. Will buy again!

  6. Wayne C.

    My signature fragrence.

  7. Tom L.

    Great scent. Has a very unique smell

  8. Willis Gray

    Love the smell, and my girl loves it AS WELL!!

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