No. 296


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A very nice, leafy, buttery tobacco supported by masculine spices and herbaceous notes is how No. 296 (Inspired by Tobacco Reserve) is best described. A dry, classy tobacco that smells naturally sweetened, not with kane juice or honey, but more akin to the sweetness in spices and nuts as their natural oils are released.

Time: Anytime
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Tobacco/Sweet/Warm Spicy
Strength: Strong
Longevity: Long

5.0 / 5

2 reviews for No. 296

  1. Justin Beavers

    This oil is a must but for any man who loves an EXCELLENT tobacco scented cologne or oil. This stuff is BEAST MODE! I put this on the other night after my shower, and this lasted the whole time I was asleep and all day the next day, sure the projection and sillage calmed down a bit, but we’re talking longevity here! This stuff smells so amazing! Musk and Hustle really knocked this one out of the park! I highly, highly recommend this fragrance to any man who wants to smell like a man, and enjoys such a beautiful tobacco scent. This tobacco is not like any other, it’s so smooth, slightly sweet and just smells amazing! If you’re contemplating this one, do yourself a favor and just get it!

  2. Justin Beavers


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