No. 288


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A colorful blanket of velvety soft wood contrasting with sharp, peppery wood, a faint sweetness underneath, and a haze of light incense above. No. 288 (Inspired by Wonderwood) is complex yet extremely simple. It is challenging and intricate, while remaining highly wearable, with personality to spare yet evenly balanced. An absolute treat for those that can’t get enough of the smell of rich, luxurious woods.

Time: Anytime
Temperature: Cold/Cool (Blue)
Class: Woody/Smoky
Strength: Soft/Moderate
Longevity: Moderate/Long

5.0 / 5

3 reviews for No. 288

  1. Ryan W. & Ronan

    I’ve tried samples and splits of the real deal I’ll just say well done guys. This is a great scent for anyone who likes a woody scent that’s a little different,spicy woody musky very airy not to offensive just perfect.
    Definitely a fall/winter time scent.

  2. Patrick W.

    Amazing scent. Good for all occasions

  3. Ronald D.

    I just like the way it smells, perfect for the morning which lasts all day at work

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